International Intelligence Cluster – Terr(o)Risc is a consulting organization with operational applications regarding political and security risks, strategic issues, business intelligence and decision-making circles mapping. Focused on the geo-strategic threats and the markets that rely on them, IIC-Terr(o)Risc decodes the events, rates their importance, locates their origins, anticipates their developments. IIC-Terr(o)Risc supplies the knowledge necessary for understanding and decision making.
In the heart of a multi-lingual and cross-source international network, bringing together on the ground research and analysis, IIC-Terr(o)Risc proactively search out the information you need now and will need in the future.
Since its creation in 2005, IIC-Terr(o)Risc has been relying on a unique methodology that is defined according to each specific ground of investigation. As a result of its enlarged approach of sources allowing a plural intelligence, the expertise of IIC-Terr(o)Risc is based on a rigorous treatment of the strategic information (collecting, cross-checking and validation) and its analysis in order to reach an operational understanding of the addressed concerns and/ or studies.
It provides public and private sectors with analysis and operational advices on political, strategic and security issues notably in MENA and Sahel.
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