In 1890, the Naigeon family is yet established in Gevrey Chambertin since more than 150 years. Initially farmers and cooper, the Naigeon family buys some acrages of vines and so does start to produce a few barrels of red. The Domaine is born ! Like always at this time, the wine production is a very small income, so the cooperage and the farm are continued, together with a small  wine merchant activity.

The estate and the wine business grows year after year. When my father Jean-Pierre come to world in 1928, my grandparents are in charge of the Domaine and the wine merchant business, started more than 30 years ago.

Jeanne and Pierre Naigeon, my grand parents, are adding to the Domaine some prestigious Grands Crus from the Côte de Nuits, with Charmes Chambertin and Bonnes Mares. Their youngest sun, Jean-Pierre (my father) will take over the family business in 1955, after some hotel management studies. Jean-Pierre marries Wera the same year and they will have 4 boys. Pierre, one of them, will join his father in the business in 1980.

When Jean-Pierre passed away in 1996, the domaine was still quite small. In 2003 and 2005, Pierre increased the Domaine to the now a day size of 11.5 hectares (29 acres).

A green agriculture, a permanent involvement and care and the research  of the perfect expression of the grape variety are the guide line to produce wines full of fragrances, delicate and powerful together, revealing the best of our terroirs.

Pierre Naigeon, 5th generation winemaker

Built during the 17th century, the  family home was the property of the Comte Jobert de Chambertin.
About 140 barrels can fit in the Hotel Jobert de Chambertin vaulted cellar.
The village of Gevrey Chambertin is laying along the hill slope, in the middle of the prestigious Côte de Nuits area.