The benefits of practice

  • A deep sense of well-being
    Through the pleasure that it generates, spontaneous drawing takes us into a secret cave deep within ourselves, and frees us from our mental and emotional strains.
  • Developing introspection
    Through the creation of new neurological pathways, it allows us to perceive reality as in a waking dream.
  • Increasing self-esteem
    Daring to assert oneself in an area where we expected to fail, helps us to grow.
  • Freeing innovative thought processes
    By giving us access to parts of the brain other than those reserved for logical thought, and opening up new areas dedicated to “creating”.
  • Controlling stress
    Alleviating stress through drawing means that we can control stress better, by controlling the lines that we draw.
  • Getting away from stereotypes
    Daring to produce a drawing that is unique is to assert that difference is what life is all about. This act helps us to get away from conventional pathways.
  • The acquisition of drawing techniques
    Ball-point pen, pencil, Chinese and European brushes, scraping, blowing, acrylic paint, ink.... all tools which help our drawn story to emerge.
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