Drawing on music

Through the use of exercises to awaken your spontaneous drawing, Serge Goldwicht will accompany you on a journey in which 
your sketches will interact with music, sounds and rhythms.
The three stages of the journey:
1. Introduction to spontaneous drawing, a warming-up by using small dots.
Serge Goldwicht will accompany you step by step so as to allow yourself to draw, even and especially if you think you cannot do it.
Remember your drawings while on the phone, 
they are the proof of your desire for expression.
2. Introduction to spontaneous drawing combined with music. Some steps in lines and dots with rhythms and sounds. Transmission of graphic tools.
Experimenting with lines / rhythms, graphics tests, playing with abstract design and / or imaged with music. Encounter of your lines with the 
sound environment, getting to know different ways to inhabit it.
3. The complete experience. The synthesis, where the body, the hand that draws, the ear that captures the sounds and the right side of the brain that resonates the whole, together form a river that flows in you and in which you take a dive.
Participation: 20E. Duration of these three steps: 2h. 
The material is provided on the spot.
The course will be held in French, if necessary in French and English.
Registration required, by phone 02 217 2920 Art Base
or email (minimum 5 registrations).

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