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     As a sound engineer, I have an experience with film sound - dialogues, sound effects, background, music, etc. This knowledge is very useful in writing film scores. I try to make a good balance between music and other sound elements. I like using the possibilities of sound design, audio processing, etc. The music should reflect nature of film and its characters, so it is very important to select appropriate instruments and arrange a simple melody, which can be expanded in various directions and can illustrate a wide range of emotions. Some examples of my music composed for movies you can listen in this player.

Short films:

  • Daj popatrzeć! / Let me watch! (2009), dir. Nikodem Wojciechowski
  • Ścieżkami wielokulturowej Warszawy / Traces of multicultural Warsaw (2010), dir. Lude Reno, Kontynent Warszawa
  • Krzycz, jeśli chcesz! / Shout if you want! (2011), dir. Jagoda Szelc
  • Nuty / Scores (2011), dir. Jerzy Matula, workshop for sound engineers in AM Bydgoszcz
  • I nigdy nie wracać... / And never go back... (2011), cam. Zuzanna Pyda, dir. Jagoda Szelc
  • Kanał 44 (2011), realisation: Filip Dowjat, UMK Toruń
  • Taki pejzaż / Such a landscape (2012), dir. Jagoda Szelc, cam. Zuzanna Pyda
  • Broken Stone (2015), dir. Sebastian Weber

Student works (SFX, music, dubbing, etc.):

Toy story 3 (fragment) grawitacja
Rezerwat (fragment) Great escape

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